lecture 4

Anna Minton talked about security and privacy in the cities as the cause of fear. She said people want more security because the more security we have the more security we need. Even though the crime is going down progressively since 1995 the level of fear remains. Police calls this paradox ‘the success gap’. The main problem here is not the crime itself but the fear of crime. It undermines the unconscious interaction between people, dilutes trust and removes personal and collective responsibility.

The level of feeling or thinking about danger is even increased by the security. It is seemed that people who live in London, a city where the CCTV cameras are set up everywhere are less happy than those whom locate in cities that CCTV is not admitted thus there are not seen in streets.
It is claimed that either the chance of crimes to be committed or people to be safer or at least feel safer is not raised by CCTV cameras. The CCTVs footage is not watched by policemen constantly and this is only the case when the crime has been already done. This is going to end with several questions in mind ‘what this observation is really for and who is observing our behaviour?’ Moreover, this would affect the level of privacy and also diminish anonymity. In addition, it is considered even as a worst scenario because we feel that we are observed as potential criminals.

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