lecture 5

Matthew Taylor gave an impressive and engaging speech in our lecture series discussing the gap between what we want and how we live. Taylor suggests the reason we can’t any social structural related problem is because we find different.
solution to a whole different problem. In order to solve the problem first we have to understand how our social structure works which has 3 separate elements of administration. According to Taylor’s findings we function with the instinct of survival which
can interpret as individualism, instinct for collaboration as solidarity and the instinct to lead and follow as hierarchy. Mankind saw some great days when these needs met perfectly but in modern society we lost the sense in control which made us lose faith
in hierarchy, the reason we don’t trust authority anymore. We also lost the trust in people which led us to lose our sense of community and we became more independent persona which means we don’t share or create identities anymore to give us our sense of solidarity
back. Moreover we grew as individuals and it led us to lead a materialist individualistic, greedy life. The only way to survive in 21st century if we can develop our empathy and eradicate the hole in the society. To resolve the conflict we need to release
our creativity and to think about thinking possibility of breaking off.

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