lecture 6

  • The speech started with the concept of importance of science and technological fix and scientific approach which in turn leads to technological advancements . Angela Saini proceeded on explaining Manhattan project and a brief history on the scientist responsible for the project Alvin Weinberg which as well as the responsibility of that project had a much greater duty of unveiling the importance of science and technology for the general public of his times ( 50’s ) which until that time had a very ambiguous understanding of science . Weinberg introduced the concept of ” Technological Fix ” which raised the awareness about science and its importance and how useful and in touch it can be for everyday life . He started his work with the basic unit of societies which are the households that in large are the building blocks of every society . When the households started realizing the importance of science that meant the building blocks are aware and that leads to a society united on one issue which was the concept that Weinberg unveiled . Today we all know how close technology is to us and in some instances it might be even more familiar and have more information of our behaviors than people who are biologically related to us or share the environment for a long time .

    Later in the presentation some potentially heroic act of technology were discussed . Although some are in the experimental stage but still their importance is not to be underlined . Genetically Engineered Food and Nuclear Fusion can be two prime examples as were mentioned in the presentation. Although they are not strictly at research level nowadays and we have seen some of its aspects even in our 21st century life but we will certainly hear more and more about it in very near future and every day every step that science takes will determine our livelihood for the millions of years that our species have in front of them . I take this opportunity to wish good luck and safe journey for my genes .

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